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Larry D. Schott, Esq.


Jack King




Dear Mr. King:


Please be advised that the undersigned law firm represents your Wife, Jamie, in these proceedings.  Jamie has advised that it is your desire that all issues between you and her be amicably resolved and as such she has requested that our firm prepare a marital settlement agreement.


Enclosed please find a marital settlement agreement which has been signed by Paul which resolves all of the issues between the two of you.


Please review the enclosed marital settlement agreement and discuss same with an attorney of your choosing should you desire.  If you do not wish to have an attorney represent you, and if the agreement meets with your approval please sign on the signature line above your name, and have your signature witnessed and notarized as indicated.   Please be advised that I represent Jamie and do not represent you.    Please return the agreement to my office along with the financial affidavit which you need to fully complete and sign the Answer and Waiver.  Once I receive the documents I will immediately set this matter for a simple uncontested divorce hearing and will notice same so that you may attend the final hearing.


Thank you very much.

Very truly yours,




Larry D. Schott





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This document is a sample pleading related to a specific set of facts and circumstances and should not be used or relied upon for any family law matter. This document is being provided for illustrative purposes only. We recommend and urge you to consult with an experienced divorce lawyer for professional advice as each case is unique.

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