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According to Florida law, the evidence needed for child custody in a dissolution of marriage proceedings includes 1) the financial positions of the parents, 2) the needs of the child and, most importantly, 3) the child’s welfare and best interests:

Broad discretion is vested in the trial court in determining matters of custody and support. Frazier v. Frazier, 1933, 109 Fla. 164, 147 So. 464; Rogoff v. Rogoff, Fla.App.1959, 115 So.2d 456; Burnett v. Burnett, Fla.App.1967, 197 So.2d 854; Gunter v. Gunter, Fla.App.1969, 219 So.2d 743; King v. King, Fla.App.1973, 271 So.2d 159. However, in order to provide a basis upon which the court can exercise such discretion, there must be some evidence concerning the parents’ respective financial positions, the needs of the child, and most importantly the child’s welfare and best interests. It is manifest from the record that the trial court did not have before it adequate evidence relating to these matters.

See: Doane v. Doane, 279 So. 2d 46



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