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Divorce and Family Law Pleadings

Divorce and Family Law Pleadings

Below are several scenarios that we have seen in our family law practice over the last 25+ years. We include some of the pleadings we have filed on behalf of our clients in these cases related to custody, the renegotiation of a parenting plan and a simple divorce where we represented the former spouse.

Custody Case – Parents were unable to care for their children and the paternal grandfather gained custody.

Renegotiation of a Parenting Plan – Relating to the child’s diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

Simple Husband and Wife Dissolution – Representing One Spouse With No Minor Children. 

Enforcement of a Timesharing/Child Support Plan – Representing the Husband with One Child. 

Simple Husband and Wife Dissolution – Representing Husband With One Minor Child.  

Dissolution of Marriage – Husband Requesting To Establish Full Parenting Responsibility. 

Dissolution of Marriage – Representing Wife Who is Seeking To Live in Marital Home While Case is Pending And Thereafter. Husband Filed A Fraudulent Domestic Violence Claim

Dissolution of Marriage – Parent Requesting Temporary Sole Responsibility of Beneficiaries

Dissolution of Marriage – No Minor Children and Related Domestic Injunction Case

Husband and Wife Dissolution – Wife Requests the Court to Appoint a Guardian Ad Litem

Supplemental Petition to Modify Timesharing, Child Support, Decision Making and Other Relief – Representing Husband

Simple Husband and Wife Dissolution – Representing Wife With One Minor Child Involved.

Dissolution of Marriage – Representing Father With Related Domestic Injunction Case

These are sample family pleadings related to specific facts and circumstances and should not be used or relied upon in any family law matter. These documents are being provided for illustrative purposes only. We recommend and urge you to consult with an experienced divorce lawyer for professional advice as each case is unique.

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