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Plantation Family Law

We help to create peace and stability for your family.

We help to create peace and stability for you and your family.

Plantation Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Advocate


Since 1990, attorney Larry Schott has advocated for the rights of families as they navigate some of life’s most challenging events.

As a divorce lawyer and family law advocate in Florida for over 30 years, Mr. Schott combines his ‘large law firm’ experience with the compassion and personal attention that only a smaller family law firm can offer.

What does that mean for our clients? It means they get an experienced lawyer who not only knows the law but how to best use it to create peace and stability for them and their family.

A Florida Divorce Lawyer Who’s Your Advocate Through Any Family Law Matter

Every family has its own set of challenges. That’s why we offer a full suite of family law services to support you through all of life’s personal legal challenges.


When a marriage ends, many aspects of the relationship need immediate legal attention. We will advocate on your behalf in cases involving the dissolution of marriage, alimony, property rights, and liability for debts on dissolution. We also work to protect your child custody (time-sharing), child support, and parental rights.

Divorce cases are often complex. Mr. Schott is experienced in procedural matters including:

  • Jurisdiction and Residence Requirements
  • Venue
  • Service of Process
  • Pleadings and Motions
  • Interlocutory and Ancillary Proceedings
  • Provision for Temporary Alimony
  • Child Custody and Child Support
  • Trials and Hearings
  • Payment of Attorney’s Fees
  • Relief from Judgment or Order
  • Payment of Alimony and Support Orders
  • Termination of Rights Under Court Orders
  • Procedures Under the Collaborative Law Process Act

Modification of Orders

As life goes on after your divorce, the terms of any related court orders may need to evolve. Mr. Schott will advocate on your behalf for modifications to alimony, child custody (time-sharing), or child support so the terms are always in your best interest.

Parent & Child Relationships

Cases involving children and their families require an expert family lawyer advocating for the child’s best interest. Mr. Schott helps parents and guardians with cases involving child custody, education, childcare, legitimacy of children, the establishment of paternity, child support, and parental responsibilities.

Property Rights

Property rights can directly impact the financial well-being of family members when establishing or dissolving a marriage. Mr. Schott will work with you to settle cases involving property rights and property transaction rights between you and your family, or a third party.

Property Settlement

Mr. Schott can provide assistance and guidance to your family when it comes time to separate property or create a property settlement agreement, including any help your family needs to determine a fair division of property. 

Other Everyday Family Issues

There are many common instances where family issues can become legal issues. Whether it’s a guardianship matter, issues related to a plantation probate or something else that requires a family law expert, Mr. Schott can help you with your case.

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