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Family Law Resources

Family Law Resources

Navigating the often-complicated divorce process can add anxiety and confusion to an already emotional and challenging time.

There’s a lot that both spouses need to know about getting a divorce in Florida, including the process and the laws protecting their rights. The best first step is to learn and understand your rights under the law and gain a base of knowledge before you file your petition for the dissolution of marriage.

By exploring the Family Law Resources below, you’ll learn about key areas of family law in Florida and become informed about family law’s nomenclature and definitions to help you better understand the stages of the divorce process, your rights, and your options.

Alimony Laws

Alimony is the payment of money from one spouse to another as ordered in a divorce settlement. Many factors determine if and how much alimony you or your spouse may owe. See the Florida Alimony Law Index for the specific laws surrounding alimony in Florida.

Domestic Violence Laws

Divorce cases involving domestic violence are subject to a series of laws in place to advocate for the safety and rights of an abused spouse and any minor children during the divorce process. The Florida Domestic Violence Law Index will give you a thorough understanding of these laws and your options if you’re filing for a divorce from an abusive spouse.

Child Support Modification Cases

These recent child support modification cases from state appellate courts reflect this ever-changing area of Florida law. As these cases show, child support issues can be extremely complex, especially when it comes to the modification of child support orders.

Family Law Glossary and Related Content

Learning as much as you can about the divorce process in Florida will ensure you’re informed and prepared when the time comes to meet with a family law attorney and begin the filing process. Click below to read through this list of Family Law definitions before you file for divorce. Also, we have extensive free content relating to divorce, alimony, child custody, child support, restraining orders, and other family law-related issues

Recent Domestic Violence (Protection Order) Cases (2021)

Gain insight from the latest case law on stalking, dating violence, and threats or violence by a former spouse or ex-significant other.

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