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According to Florida case law, alimony is a form of financial support to provide for the needs and necessities of life that a court may grant to either party during a proceeding for dissolution of marriage:

Support is a payment to provide for the need and necessities of life. Mallard v. Mallard, 771 So.2d 1138, 1140 (Fla.2000). The purpose of support is to prevent a dependent party from “becoming a public charge or an object of charity.” Killian v. Lawson, 387 So.2d 960, 962 (Fla.1980).

See: Braswell v. Braswell, 881 So. 2d 1193 (Fla. 3d DCA 2004)

Also, note:

The purpose of permanent periodic alimony is to provide for the needs and necessities of life for a former spouse as they were established during the marriage of the parties. Canakaris v. Canakaris, 382 So.2d 1197, 1201 (Fla.1980). “The criteria to be used in establishing this need include the parties’ earning ability, age, health, education, the duration of the marriage, the standard of living enjoyed during its course, and the value of the parties’ estates.” Id. at 1201–02.

See: Mallard v. Mallard, 771 So.2d 1138 (Fla.2000)



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