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According to Florida case law as of the date of this article, when determining whether a stereo is considered “furniture, furnishings, and equipment contained in the dwelling house” a “dwelling house” is broadly defined as the apartment or building or group of buildings occupied by a family as a place of residence :

“Among the definitions of the term “dwelling house” contained in Black’s Law Dictionary, 596 (4th Ed. 1968) is “the apartment or building, or group of buildings, occupied by a family as a place of residence.” The definition is expanded upon as follows: “ ‘Dwelling house’ is a very flexible term. Its meaning depends not only on context, but on the determination of the courts not to permit public policy or justice to be defeated by a word. ‘Dwelling house’ often means any building within the curtilage.”

See: Alvarez v. Alvarez – 404 So.2d 200 (1981)




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